Busuanga Rehabilitation Project

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May 4, 2014
Agape Rural Program Mobilizes Yolanda Relief and Medical Operations
May 6, 2014
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Busuanga,Palawan was one of the areas that was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) last November 2013. To help the Municipality of Busuanga to rise from the destruction caused by this calamity, the Agape Rural Program in partnership with LIFE! Community Development which was funded by Singaporean Red Cross, implemented a rehabilitation project. The Busuanga project has 2 Phases. First phase is a twelve (12) month long project (April 2014- March 2015) and the Second Phase is an Eight(8) month (May 2015- December 2015) composite program. It was able to bring to completion the following projects:

  • Construction of four (4) units (8 classroom) school buildings for three (3) villages
  • Construction of three(3)health stations for three (3)villages
  • Repair of the Municipal Health Office
  • Construction of 5 water system for 10 villages
  • Livelihood program grant for the Farmers and Fisherfolks Organization
  • Donation of one (1) Land and one (1) Sea ambulance
  • Creation of (2) Organic Demonstration Farm (BIOFARM)
  • Nutrition rehabilitation program for fifty (50) malnourished children
  • Community Based Health training for local health workers
  • Implemented CrossRoads curriculum to all school levels

In behalf of the people of Busuanga the Municipal Mayor expressed his gratitude to the people of Singapore for giving them what the people really need. The land and Sea ambulances that have been always the big problem of the sick people of Busuanga are now ready to service the people. School buildings and health stations that were destroyed by the super typhoon Yolanda were replaced to provide better and more secure buildings that the people can use as the evacuation place during disasters.

The whole project worked as it met the objectives set from the beginning. Furthermore, this project has been a great open door for the love of God to be brought to these devastated areas.

ARP's first major infrastructure project. (from left: School building, health centers, water system)

ARP’s first major infrastructure project. (from left: School building, health centers, water system)

– Vivien Montes